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Centrifugal Process Pumps


"Flowchem" Series PPF pumps are "Centrifugal Process Pumps" in Back Pull-out Construction , Horizontal, Foot Mounted, Single stage, End suction and Top Centerline Discharge, confirming to DIN 24256 / ISO 2858, standards and in general confirming to API 610 as well.

Construction Options for Centrifugal Process Pumps:

  1. Centrifugal Process Pumps Offered with closed or Semi Open impeller. 

  2. Impellers are provided either with Back Vane or Back Wear Ring to minimize Axial Thrust and Gland Leakage. 

  3. Flange Rating PN 16 to PN 64 and drilled to DIN standard to meet ISO 2858 requirements. 

  4. Flange Rating to BS / ASA Standards also offered. 

  5. Various Shaft Sealing Available are, 

  1. Gland Packing ( ASB. / NON ASB. depending on the service.) 

  2. Moulded Graphite Rings.( GRAFOIL PACKING ) 

  3. Mechanical Seals (Single or Double Mechanical Seal Arrangements.). 

  1. Jacketing for heating/cooling offered for Casing, S/Box, Casing Pedestal and Bearing- Housing, 

  2. Standard Bearing / Special Heavy Duty Bearing arrangements available